/ Identity and label design
Task: create a uniform style for the company which combines brewery, beer shop and pub.

I created minimalistic, solid style aimed to male audience and above average segment. This style associates with the reliable company, product quality and creates positive image of the company. Also it easily transforms for all necessary advertising materials and package.
/ Logos design
Logos for different companies created through the year
TROCO cosmetics
/ Package design
The main idea is to combine fine art and packaging design.

So I made up cosmetic brand to feel free to try this and painted some astract landscapes with acrylics. The main theme is freshness and tropics, so I used limited bright colour palette and clean simple style.
/ Design and page making
Web design, landings, websites on Tilda on a turn-key basis
/ Logo and web for interior designer
Anna contacted me for logo and website design, as a result I designed a visual system, which can be used in any advertising materials. The task was simple, minimalistic design, which won't distract the attention from her portfolio and will be light and modern.
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